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Appling County’s Pre-K registration will be taking place from April 17th – April 28th. The state of Georgia requires children to get vaccines and immunizations to protect against certain diseases before going to school. The CDC’s immunization schedule for children from birth through 6 years old is attached below. Vaccines with red dots beside them indicate immunizations that are required by the state of Georgia for child care and school attendance. If you have additional questions regarding immunization requirements, check with your child’s doctor, your child’s school, or your local health department. More information can be found at

Also, the Appling County Health Department will be offering hearing, vision and dental screenings to school-aged children. A Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening (Form 3300) will need to be filed when your child is first enrolled in a Georgia public school.

2023-2024 PreK Registration

Pre-K Registration Information

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2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration

Yearbook Orders

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7 Mindsets

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March/April Mindset:

Attitude of Gratitude


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E-Book Library: OverDrive/SORA

To access the shared collection, download the SORA app from Google Play or the App Store or use it in the browser at . When signing into the collection, select Appling County School District. Students and staff will use their Google credentials to login.

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